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Really? Go Saudi rednecks go! Hold my beer!

Youtuber Jake Vale of thejakevaleshow took it upon himself to make a SFW compilation of Frozen. We thank him for thinking of the children. You really need to see this. And you can follow him here. thejakevaleshow

The best combined use for toilet paper and a leaf blower I have ever seen. I’ll definitely need to build one of these at some point.

Aaron of Aaron’s Food Adventures attempts a key lime challenge. Painful to watch.

The 4.4 St Patrick’s Day earthquake of 2014 had news anchors diving for cover during the morning broadcast. Talk about live coverage.

Acura integra rescues a jeep from a snowbank. Because, you know, jeeps.

Vladimir Putin’s cold war kickstarter campaign. Get a picture!

Nothing says OG like a kazoo son! Lucas Leyva and Rachel Goodrich Put this beautiful example of…ziphop?

Real fight on a Chinese airline. Subtitles, not sure if accurate…

OH MY GOSH! The street troller best of 2013. These guys do some hilarious videos featuring your favorite street fighter characters raising all kinds of ruckus! Possible tears. See more on their youtube channel

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